Monday, June 2, 2014

Wordament Unlocking Leaderboard Achievement

Hello all,

If any of you are mobile gamers, or maybe Facebook gamers, you may have heard of Wordament, a word finding game not unlike Boggle. Well, if you're an achievement hunter, like my friend +Andrew Mulligan is (HINT HINT), you may be interested in this bit of news. Here is the basic outline of their 'proposal'

So you’ve been playing Wordament for years now but you still haven’t unlocked that World Champ achievement… How about we strike a little deal? If we all work together and get our Facebook page up to 100K likes in the month of June, then we award World Champ to anyone that plays a full round of Wordament on July 4th. It’s that simple, get the page to 100K likes, and you can get that coveted World Champ achievement.
How you can help:
•Step 1: Go Like our Facebook page.
•Step 2: Ask others in your own social circles to like our page. You can do that by sharing this blog post.
•Step 3: Spread the word in any other communities you participate in.
Then on July 4th, come play a round of Wordament.
Please note, we have to hit 100K likes in the month of June or we won’t be able to do this.

A small price to pay to help out friends and fellow gamers who've been playing the Afghan language to try and earn this achievement. If you're interested, you just need to 'Like' their Facebook page (which is linked to in the 'sources' below) and help them reach 100,000 Likes. Why not help out, takes less than a second (not including load times to bring the page up, sign in, etc).

It should also be noted, that upon unlocking this achievement, any other device you play Wordament on that supports achievements will also cause it to unlock on THAT device as well. FREE POINTS!