Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Things Destiny Needs to Fix

Now, I know most people are in love with Destiny, our own Ana Gore gave it a solid 9/10. I however, would be on the opposite end of that spectrum, I'd give it a 7 AT BEST (which equates to an average rating).

Now before you tear into me like a lion on a gazelle, let me explain why, in list format, I give it such a sub-par rating. Keep in mind, I refuse to acknowledge any non released patches, if Bungie has said they'll implement something below, great. Until it happens though, they are just words.

In-game chat, where is it?
1. The most obvious and wanted thing, in-game chat of some sort. I'm aware you can create fireteams and chat that way, but when you do PvP, you can't unless you all join a fireteam. There's no text box like every single other MMO (hell, even Defiance has one). This makes it tough to actually do anything, who the hell would/wants to join up with random fireteams? At least if there were a text box, you could do a 'LF' message (LF = Looking For, for those unfamiliar with MMO terms).

LF Crucible, LF VoG (Vault of Glass), LF Strike, etc. Come on, maaaaaaaan.

2. Better, and more relevant loot. Yesterday, I decrypted at least a dozen engrams, at least 5 were blue, guess how many were any good. Zero. It seems that after a certain point, the loot stops getting better, and you are FORCED to grind out Rep or Marks to get something decent from vendors, the EXACT OPPOSITE OF EVERY OTHER MMO. Go play FFXIV, or WoW, or LoL and you'll see that the best loot is obtained from bosses, not buying them from an NPC, that gear is usually trash and serves no real purpose.

Also, since the last patch, I get far less drops and when I do get them, they are green 90% of the time.

Instead, I get level 18 blue boots from the level 22 Vanguard Strike. Shite.

Obviously, not Destiny, as Destiny doesn't have a party finder
3. Party Finder. If they refuse to add a chat system, at least let people post to a board saying they are interested in forming a party, instead of making us go online and posting on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites in hopes of finding some party members.

Since I don't have an image for this, here's a pug in a hat
4. More variety. While I'm sure many enjoy the same old tasks such as, go to this planet and kill a bunch of things until you have 200 crystals/gems/parts, get x headshots, and kill x enemies, I need more. The bounties are weak, the patrol missions aren't all that rewarding (granted I've only done them on the Earth and Moon, so maybe the reward is better on Mars and stuff) and there's a handful of Strikes (see #2 why they suck).

Once you've beaten the game, you can do just PvP or Strikes a thousand times over until you get enough Marks to buy the next tier of gear and then repeat.

5. Balance. If you've played PvP, you've most likely seen players who suck get rewarded with awesome items at the end of the match yet you, who did well, get nothing. How is that fair? It ain't. Some people say there are other factors, if they were a low-level, if they assisted a lot (which is somehow more vital than actually killing?) and more. BS. The loot system is screwed, simple as that.

If I can join a game, suck, and get an Exotic piece, you know there's an issue.

Honorable Mentions

This was thrown around a bit, but we decided not to include it as the game doesn't have a solid rule on roles (i.e. there is no Tank, no DPS, no Healer)

1-800-DOCTORB - The 'B' is for Bargain
NEED HEALZ!!!! Seriously, why is there no healing class? A simple AoE skill that recovers health/shields, grants buffs, or reduces damage while in it, would be amazing. I know one of the classes has a revive ability, but that's pretty lame and could greatly be expanded.

The Titan has an ability that would be perfect for a Support class, namely the Blessing of Light, that and the Warlocks, Life Steal and Fireborn. Those 3 skills on one class would create a great Support class.