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Thursday, October 30, 2014

November Games with Gold

November is here, the cold begins to set in, turkeys getting prepped, and Chewbaccas appear on many a man's face. There's also few games, if none of that applies to you.

For November, gamers on the Xbox One will get Völgarr the Viking. This old-school hack-and-slash platformer will be available for free for the entire month (Gamers in some countries will be receiving the full version of Powerstar Golf for the month instead).

Meanwhile, on the Xbox 360 side, the free game for the first half of the month (November 1st-15th) will be Viva Piñata: Trouble In Paradise.

Then, on November 16th, the game will be replaced by Red Faction: Guerrilla, which will be free for the remainder of the month ( November 16th-30th).

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dying Light Cancelled on Xbox

If you've been waiting for the new parkour/survival horror game from the folks that brought you Dead Island, I have some potentially upsetting news for you.

It will not be coming to last gen consoles only current gen.

When asked why, the devs simply said neither the PS3 or Xbox 360 could run the game. So good news if you own a current gen console, it appears the game will be more gorgeous than previously thought.

On that note, the price of the Xbox One had dropped to $350, so if you wanted to play Dying Light, you can still play it at a fraction of the cost.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Evil Within: 1,000,000 Halloween Party

So I recently got The Evil Within (review coming soon), and I took a look at the challenges they had, one was a rather unique and interesting one.

Halloween Party
On October 31, 2014, everyone together has to get 1,000,000 headshots.
Pretty simple, yet the first I've seen that required community involvement (hence this article). So, get your mid 50's style vests on, a hand cannon and go brainshot some crazies on Halloween night (unless you have a social life or something, pfft, poser). Join the G+ event!!!!

Your reward? As per usual, some art.

Fancy TEW Art
Why should you bother for some lousy art, you ask? Well, this leads to the second part of this post.

This coming November, Xbox One will receive an update that allows you to change the dashboards background from solid black, to another color OR achievement/reward art (among other changes). Take a look here at my new D4 inspired background. NEW BACKGROUNDS!!!!

There are other previews for you to enjoy on my Instagram, if you are interested.

So, hope on October 31st and kill some crazies.