Thursday, January 26, 2012

Opinion: Killing Kids in Games?

If you play RPG's you've likely come across games like Fallout 3, Skyrim and Fable. One thing these games all have in common, well, they have quite a few things in common, but a major thing is the inability to kill children.

Killiable Kids Mod for Fallout (PC)

"Leo, why would you want to kill children?" You may be asking.

Well, it's not that I WANT to kill kids, it's just that I should be ABLE to kill kids. Think about it for a second. You're placing kids in an M rated game, which contain a numerous amounts of things, including, but not limited to:

- Murder
- Assassination of real life individuals
- Theft
- Assault on both citizens and peace officers
- Terrorist plots
- Drug use
- Smuggling of illegal items (drugs, outlawed items)

So why restrict the ability to kill (or even harm for that matter) kids? Any sane individual will know that it's just a game, and won't go grab a knife and start stabbing lil' Timmy down the street.

"Well Leo, I agree, and I actually think games that are M rated, and have kids in them, should allow them to be killed, but you know SOMEONE will complain."  You say. Yes, this is true.

Who are those people? This is the most ironic piece, parents of underage kids who bought the game to occupy their kids. This is an example of crappy parenting, if you're gonna buy your 12 yr old an M rated game, you automatically lose the right to complain about what's in it, that's what the god damn, fucking, bitch rating label is for, so you can't complain to congress about something when you are the one who bought it for someone who shouldn't be using it.

This is equivalent to someone buying peanuts at a store for a snack at home, having someone allergic eat them, and then the buyer suing the grocer. Makes no fuckin' sense and you should be bitch slapped.... YOU are the one responsible, YOU are the one to blame, stop being a stuck up piece of shit and take responsibility for YOUR actions....

Now, back on topic. I'm not saying we should be able to decapitate kids, like you can do to enemies on Skyrim, Fallout and Fable, but you should be able to kill them at the very least, even if that means turning of the blood (for the kids, blood should still come from "normal" enemies). No special kills, nothing like that, just plain normal, good ol' fashioned family killing.

In all the above mentioned games, you can attack the kids, and in doing so, a bounty will be placed on you (or people try to kill you in Fallout's case), so they are treated as normal NPC's.... with immunity to death....bullshit....

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