Wednesday, May 24, 2017

7 Days to Die (Xbox One Edition)

Zombie Survival with a touch of Minecraft

Before I even start my review, I just want to say that, as of writing this, I've only put in about 6 and a half hours in the game, so I may have no idea what it is I'm actually taking about.


There isn't one, unless you make one up in your head. The game starts out with your selected characters (there's like 12 to pick from, and as far as I know, it's just cosmetic) waking up at a random spawn point and you're given a brief tutorial (how to craft and make things), then let loose on the world.

Your goal is to just not die, which is easier said than done in this new world.


Graphically, the game is unimpressive, it has the look of a late last gen game. This isn't terrible, but if you're expecting hyper realistic, you'll be disappointed.

He so cuuuuuute :3

While the graphics leave a little to be desired, the world is still quite "beautiful", or as beautiful as a end of the world game can look. Depending on while biome (Minecraft users will be familiar, but for those who aren't, a biome is basically an environment type. You have several, a forest, fields, tundra, wasteland, and a few others) look pretty good and are fleshed out well (if you like flowers, find a field, flowers EVERYWHERE).


Here are a few biomes you can find, there are 8 total so far, and each time you make a new random generated map, you may get all or a few of the biomes.

A few of the biomes, TL - Desert, TR - Wasteland
BL - Forest, BR - Tundra

Music & Voice

The music is somewhat like what you'd get in Fallout, very low, almost non-existent at times. Sounds are pretty basic for the most part, but that's not really a bad thing. This type of game does well with little and low sounds, helps immerse oneself in the game if you aren't been chased around by a bunch of theremin(s?) and orchestras.


If you've played Minecraft, you'll adapt pretty quickly to these controls (and I mean, MC was free the week prior to this writing, so why wouldn't you have played it?). Otherwise, get friendlt with those triggers, you'll be using them a bit, they are used to play, upgrade, attack, and "other" functions (some items have unique uses, like said upgrading).


This isn't your ordinary Minecraft clone, it is VERY in-depth. Ever wonder what your hydration levels were? Or if you were too hot or too cold? Maybe you're curious about what that dirty water may do (protip: dysentery)? Well, this is the game for you, all of that is in this game (and more). You'll need to keep an eye on these stats as well as others if you want to survive.

Stats can be seen in the upper right of the menu

Clothing not only protects you from damage to a degree, but also keeps you insulated. Leather in the desert, yeah, you gonna die. Cloth in the tundra? I always wanted hypothermia (and by that, I mean to be dead). There's a lot of crafting in this game, it's almost more of a craft sim with zombies thrown in for giggles. At times, it's almost ridiculous how much crafting you HAVE to do, and the extents you need to go to find what you need (or maybe I'm just unlucky when it comes to scavenging).

Crafting menu, there are over 100 things to craft

As with Minecraft, you'll find many premade structures around the world (oh, and yeah, they are randomly generated), use these to your advantage. I found a sweet little cabin with a few floors that I'm fortifying and upgrading, I love it!! Military bases, gas stations, grocery stores, and other settlements can be found if you explore, so don't sit in one place.


I haven't touched the MP yet, so I can't really comment on it, but will update this when I do.


Only 4 achievements require another person, that's the good news. The bad news is that you'll need to amass 2,500 kills for that achievement. LUCKILY lfcjohn at TrueAchievements has a pretty good solution for it, so check it out. Otherwise, it's more about surviving and doing what you normally would in a game like this, build, kill, explore. Be prepared to spend upwards of 100 hours on this, which isn't a lot actually, considering the type of game this is.