Friday, May 16, 2014

The Walking Dead, Season 2 Episode 3: In Harm's Way [Reactions]

Obviously, this will contain spoilers and gameplay may vary slightly depending on your choices throughout the chapter and previous chapters.

Feel free to include your reactions in the comments and we'll add them here!

Andrew Mulligan
When we began playing, i immediately disliked everything about Carver and his group, just his cronie slapping Clem in the intro made me want to choke them, Kenny too, as you could tell when he saw what they did. When they placed in the 'detention area', you already knew these guys were assholes, it was a prison cell, outside, in the cold.... Reggie, a guy who helped the the others escape before was also there for his betrayal, trying to make amends and get back in. He seemed like a nice guy, although creepy and a bit off. Carver showed his colors when he FORCED Carlos to slap Sarah for talking out of line, Carver is clearly insane.
Seemed like a standard affair, Kenny wanted out, everyone else wasn't sure. Of course, I sided with Ken, as he is awesome. Bonnie, don't know how to feel about her, she wanted to make amends for what she did, but how can you trust someone like that after they cause your groups capture?
When Clem and Sarah had to help Reggie pick berries, I didn't see what could go wrong. Little did I know by helping Sarah, the trouble I caused for Reggie, who was killed by Carver, another reason I hate this d-bag. I was glad to see Luke again and decided to help him and Kenny get us out of there, but Luke getting caught led to the main reason I wanted Carver dead. Not only did he beat the crap out of Luke, he puts Kenny on the brink of death, also causing him to lose sight in one eye.
The group decides to leave, thankfully, Kenny was "okay" enough to walk. Alvin, who was taken away earlier, was found beaten, presumably to death, but when Clem turns on the radios to draw the Walkers, he gets up and says he'll hold off Carver's men, to make time for them to escape, he is then, unsurprisingly, killed.
The last bit was amazing, Carver had the group at gun point, but Clem was able to jump on him from some supply boxes. Luke, who I've lost respect for at this point, doesn't want to shoot Carver. I tell him to, so Kenny does it instead. When Kenny grabbed that crowbar, I was giddy with excitement. The escape was too damn fast for me, so much happened that I didn't get to "digest" it well enough. Carlos was killed, Sarah ran off and Sarita was bitten (and had her arm promptly removed by Clem).

Kenny, beating Carver to death, until he is no longer recognizable

Ana Gore
I enjoyed this episode a lot, I made it my job to make everyone at Carvers a living hell for what they did to my group. It wasn't heavy on the action initially, but it really made up for it in the end. When we played, I WANTED to trust Bonnie, as she really seemed to want forgiveness for causing the deaths at the lodge, but she defended Carver too much, until Reg was killed at least. After that, and when she helped me get the radio to Luke, I felt I could trust her again, and I'm really glad I did, she redeemed herself, in my eyes anyways.
I have no remorse for Carver, the crap he did was bogus, I'm glad he was killed. Clementine seemed to really change at that point, maybe for the worse, but I couldn't let him live for what he did to the group. 
It was sad about Alvin, but I don't have a strong bond with him, so I didn't let it bug me much. When we got to Carver, I was glad Kenny killed him, Carver was almost excited about it, that he was right when he said Clementine was just like him. When Carlos got shot, I was already on edge, then Sarah freaked out and Sari was bitten, if Reg could survive, why not Sari? Off with the arm!