Monday, May 12, 2014

My Love/Hate Relationship with Namco Bandai

If you play RPGs or Fighters, you've almost certainly played a Namco Bandai game, which is understandable, they're usually pretty damn good. However, I live a complicated relationship with them, one that is questionable and agonizing (like if you date a hot gal/guy, but they have that terrible laugh, like this) at times.

It's tough to explain (I've literally wrote this one sentence several times now), the best way would be to simply show it.

Who's played Tales of Vesperia? Recognize this lady:

Probably not. Why, is she a DLC exclusive, a hidden character, a new character for the next installment? No to all of those. This is Patty Fleur, you've not seen her because she is one of two exclusive characters to the PS3 version. The other this well-known fella:

Yep, Flynn is a recruit-able character in the PS3 version, compared to the Xbox version where you get him for one fight.

Now before fanboys take this as an attack against their precious console, I have a PS3.

"Why don't you just buy it then?"

Good question, sir/madam, if you are ignorant. The PS3 version was not localized, meaning not released in America.

"Just buy a Japanese version then." You say, well I no speak Japanese, I can't play any game without being able to understand it.

So not only do you get one new character, and one awesome character to join, everything is voiced, more monsters, more bosses, more items, more EVERYTHING.


“Xbox 360 players often complained ‘why aren’t these parts voiced?’, so when making the PS3 version we first set about improving the voicing … As a result, the entire main scenario became fully voiced.”
“We’d be delighted if those who played the Xbox 360 version would play the PS3 version too. Of course the same goes for those playing for the first time.”
“We made a lot of changes we think Xbox 360 players would be sure to appreciate.”
“There are a lot of elements from the Xbox 360 version which were improved, so please give it a try.”
“Based on the feedback so kindly provided by Xbox 360 players, we added a lot of additional elements.”

“Based on the feedback so kindly provided by Xbox 360 players, we added a lot of additional elements.” 

This is what is known as a BETA. Yep, if you own the X360 version, you bought a BETA version of the game. I could do with buying a game I could not possibly understand, but to openly say "Thanks for testing the game, now go buy the PS3 version (if you can)" is rather insulting to both Xbox and non-Japanese gamers. They could offer DLC for the extra content, but no. I can't even call them money hungry (unless Sony offered them cash to NOT make DLC), as they didn't make X360 users play $25 for the content, they just didn't make it.

Not sure which is worse, being a sell-out or lazy ass.

All this being said, they do make some amazing RPGs, so.... yeah....