Friday, May 25, 2012

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Version

Alright, before I go into the game, I would like to say I've never played the PC version, nor do I plan to do so. I've been playing the X360 version quite often since its release. But since I have far less knowledge than those who play it on the PC, I apologize in advance for mislabeling or simply being wrong.


There isn't one, you're 'The Player', simple as that, you explore the world of Minecraft, build and destroy, destroy and build. That's honestly all there is to Minecraft, it may seem limited, but that's only true if you have a very small imagination (so yes, I'm saying if you get bored of this easily, you're about as fun as a wet mouse).

Minecraft is all about designing and building whatever you can think of, don't believe me?

Images from the PC version

While I'm sure there are some Mod Tools that make these tasks easier, it still proves the point.


Well, this game is basically Lego's, therefore the graphics aren't impressive, but they aren't trying to be. Everything looks great (considering the pixels are the size of those on the original Game Boy), if you are very picky about graphics, and playing anything before 2005 makes your eyes bleed, then you won't like this game.


The controls are very simple and straight forward, one button allows you to jump, the other cycles through your inventory, attack enemies, place item, etc. There really isn't much to say about them, the controls are like the graphics, old as hell.


There is little in the area of voice, maybe grunts, but that's it. Sounds sound, well, old school, but that's good, considering the game. The music is annoying sometimes, as it constantly plays, but luckily, it can be turned down/off if the player desires.


I read this would feature online play, but my experience makes me believe you can only play with friends, as I have not seen a single game in the 'Online' section (except for one, and if the 'Friends Only' thing is true, this guy must've been hacking or something....)

The game offers splitscreen (if you have an HDTV) which I haven't been able to utilize yet, but the thought of playing this with my friends is pretty entertaining.... oh the things we could build.

As many know, the game is VERY limited compared to the PC version, the designers have said they'll EVENTUALLY release an update that'll bring it up to version.

“We’re aiming to update to the major PC releases – first one will be the equivalent of the PC Beta 1.7.3 version”,


Minecraft is a fun way to blow $20, with hours of fun and with major updates coming, at some point, it's well worth the price.



- Plain simple fun
- Exercises your creative muscles
- Hours of entertainment


- Rather simple
- Splitscreen requires an HDTV
- Will get repetitive