Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My Five Nights at Freddy's Timeline [WIP]

Alright, so yeah, I haven't used this in awhile (but wow, so much attention has been gained, many of these posts have 2 - 5k views, thank you all so much!!!!), but I'm gonna TRY to be more active (I said that last time too).

Anyways, I've been heavily invested in to Five Nights at Freddy's (FN@F) for several weeks, watching several timeline theories, character information, etc, but so many are so convoluted and hard to follow, so I made my own, which will surely be incorrect in some ways, but whatever, this is for those who want a SIMPLE STORY, not some complicated arithmetic bullshit.

Some "facts" to know first (these are facts in my timeline, so don't argue with me XD)

- Purple Guy is vital, in Sister Location (SL) we see him turn from a normal guy, TO the Purple Guy. Coloring is important. I've seen many theories that have him being purple just to make him stand out, but Scott doesn't do this, everything is intentional. See: text in FNAF 4, all text is assigned to a certain person, color always indicating who's talking. After thinking about it A LOT, this is possibly a little less important then I originally thought, but still noteworthy.

- In SL's intro, we hear HandUnit talking to a Mr. Afton, a British accent. Many have come to the conclusion, that the man taking is Henry, the creator of the animatronics. Makes sense, as HandUnit questions him about some designs (only Henry would have intimate knowledge of designs and fumction). Later, after the secret end, Springtrap is heard talking (based on the background, after FNAF 3 when FF is burnt to the ground, and it makes sense, as this is Scott making a sequel almost assured (remember, FNAF 3 takes place in the after all the other games)), with the same accent but different voice than we heard in the intro. I believe that is Michael, Henry's child. This means that Purple Guy isn't any other character in the game, only 3 characters are shown to have accents, Henry, Michael, and, Henry's daughter, who we hear throughout SL.

- Lastly, sister location is a term used to identify a business with the same parent company. For example, TimeWarner owns HBO and CNN, they are sister companies. Fazbear Entertainment (the company that owns all the Freddy locations) also owns Baby's Pizza World.

These details help place SL in the timeline.


Alright, now that we have some SL facts down, let's continue.

SL is pretty straight forward with the story, you are introduced to Baby by HandUnit who is talking to "Mr. Afton", I've already established WHY this is Henry, he's the creator. But who are you? As the player? My belief is that you are playing as Michael, Henry's son, or one of them.

How do I come to this conclusion?

Michael has no problem working with the ani's, and they seem to almost ignore him (canon wise, you never die until the end). Michael even says "they mistook me for you" in the secret end. And let's not forget the biggest reason, one that Baby herself even mentions, "I'm curious what events would lead a person to want to spend their nights in a place like this... willingly."

Why indeed? Well, the short answer, to help his father get closure with his (Henry's) daughter.

While attempting to find answers, Michael is led astray by, who we eventually find out, is Ennard. Ultimately, this results in Michael's death at the scooper. But it doesn't end there. By playing the secret game of traditional FNAF, we find that SL has a surveillance system set up in a familiar home, the home from FNAF 4. With that, you can also see the layout of the house when reactivating power during night 2, and that the two buildings are connected. And who's house is that? The home of the Crying Child, aka, the players LITTLE BROTHER. Note: All of this will be important later