Monday, June 1, 2015

Dark Echo

I don't think I've ever done a review of a mobile game, the reason for this is because so many are so similar. However, Dark Echo is different, it's a very unique game, and as a result, this review will be somewhat unique as well.


There is none, besides reach the exit.


Again, there really aren't any "graphics" in the traditional sense. It's mostly pure black with soundwaves acting as your visuals (see images in this review). White lines are your noise, blue is water, yellow are switches, and red are things that result in death.


The game is simple in practice, but difficult when you actually try to play. The first several levels act as a tutorial, teaching you the basics. After then though, you're required to use your brain to trick death, all while blind.

You can use environmental sounds (water droplets, frogs, flies, and other noises) or "bang" on the ground to generate noise and get a glimpse of your surrounding. However, doing so may alert hostile entities to your presence.


The controls, as of right now, are incredibly basic, simply use your finger to touch the screen and you move in that direction, tapping allows you to "sneak", generating less noise. I recently acquired a simple rock, which you can throw by swiping from your character to desired throwing location, so there may be more techniques I've yet to unlock.


The game lets you replay chapters (which I'm not sure the number of at this time, there's at least 25 though), so you can play them as many times you you like.


Dark Echo is one of the most unique games I've played on a mobile device, using sound as the only way to visualize your environment.



- Unique play style
- Addicting
- Visually appealing


- Lack of visuals may be off-putting to some
- Some levels are either too easy, or too hard for their placement