Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon Black/White is the fifth generation of the series, will it live up to the fame the series has generated?


If you don't already know what the story is in the Pokemon games, you've never played one.... BUT, I'll refresh your memory. You, are a young boy/girl who has finally become the required age to carry Pokemon with you, as a gift, the local Pokemon Professor has decided to give you, and your friends, a Pokemon of your choice, but there's a catch, you must help fill up the Pokedex (which I would think, across 5 generations, would have been done by now), stop a mysterious criminal organization and become the Pokemon Master, standard stuff really.


The graphics have been tweaked, slightly. The game will, on occasion, switch to a more 3D perspective. This does make your 2D character look out of place though, but, with improvements, could work on future titles. One major issue is the sprites, when a Pokemon comes out of the Pokeball, it looks nice, but then the game zooms in, and you can clearly see the pixels, which are a big no no to me.... turned me off.


These have gone unchanged, nothing new, which is a good thing, as it never needed to be fixed.


One thing I always liked about the Pokemon series was the music, but not so much this time around. I LOVED the techno-y version in HeartGold/SoulSilver, this new gen decided to try new music, which I hated. This is just me though, maybe you'll like the new battle music.


There are a few nice looking new Pokemon, but most seem to be rip-offs of already existing Pokemon, example below:

You have to admit, they do share some striking resemblances.
+ =

Others, like the 3 above, seem like simple crosses between each other.

I haven't had a chance to play online (thanks to a defective wi-fi card in my 3DS....).

There is also 3 on 3 battles, I've only taken part in a few and I'm at the Pokemon League.

After you beat the Elite 4 and Champ, you can explore the other half, yes, HALF, of the continent (it's not that the place is big, they just don't let you see much until after you've beaten it).

Sprites constantly move during battle, which I really liked, I hope they continue to do this in future titles. The game also uses seasons, but not like Animal Crossing, the seasons in an area will change every few real months.


This game had potential, but with so many (personal) issues, I really didn't care for it. If you're a new fan, maybe you won't mind, but if you are a veteran who grew up with Pokemon, you may be just as disappointed as I am.



- Moving sprites
- Looks nice
- Months change


- Users Pokemon look very pixel-y
- Lame Pokemon
- Limited until you're the Champ