Tuesday, October 4, 2011

F.E.A.R. 3

F.E.A.R. 3 is, as you may have guessed, the sequel to F.E.A.R. 2. This installment brings back Point Man and his dead brother


FEAR 3 picks up with Point Man being interrogated by a group of Archaman soldiers, demanding the whereabouts of Jun, a FEAR agent from FEAR 1. However, the spirit of Fettel, his brother who he killed in the first game, possesses one of the soldiers and kills the one interrogating Point Man. Now free, Point Man and Fettel head to Juns location, but Alma has a secret, she's pregnant, her delivery is close and it's tearing the world apart.


FEAR 3's graphics are what you would expect, good. Nothing jaw-dropping, but the cinematics are noteworthy. They look very beautiful. The game, as true to its nature, is dark often. With effects whenever Alma or the mysterious creature are near. One thing I like is the new look of the mechs, they look much better than in previous installments.


The game plays similar to the previous, but one new addition, is the ability to play as Fettel. Since he's dead, he can't use guns, however he can lift, blast and posses enemy soldiers, ever want to play as one of those giant dudes with the penetrater? Well now you can! Possessing an enemy will allow you to use guns, but you can only stay in a body for a limited time (similar to Point Man's slo-mo use).


The acting is well done in F.EA.R. 3, and the music, when it's there, is well done too. Since this is a creepy game, you'll hear various sounds, bumps, growls, etc randomly while playing. While not as scary, you might get a few surprises while playing if you're really into the game.


The Multiplayer has been redone, and is much better this time around. The best, IMO, is a mode called Contractions, which has 1 to 4 players fending off waves off enemies. Usually starting with common soldiers, then Scavangers (creepy dog things), psycho ass citizens and, sometimes, Mechs.

If you play with a friend, you can play as Point Man, while your friend plays as Fettel. This allows for some fun combinations, such as unique slo-mo kills as Fettel, or providing Point Man with a shield to absorb damage for a limited time.

There are also challenges that require you to do various things like killing x amount of enemies without being hurt, get x amount of kills with a specific weapon, x amount of slo-mo kills, using cover for x amount of seconds and dozens of more.


A fun game for fans of the series, but lacks the scare factor of the previous games.



- Better Multiplayer
- Fun co-op
- Challenges provide a fun addition to the game


- Not as scary as previous installments
- Short game with low replayability
- Story not as interesting as the other games