Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dead Space 2

I've been looking forward to this game for awhile, and was finally able to pick it up.


Without giving much away, Dead Space 2 takes place 3 years after the first, with Isaac on a mysterious ship called the Sprawl (you know it's gonna be bad already). He has no memory of the last 3 years, due to allegedly being in a coma and suffering from dementia. The game opens with him being released as the player hears screams and sees blood splattered in the background and is soon forced to flee for his life while in a straight jacket. Once he is freed, a women named Diana contacts him and says that he will die from his illnesses unless he comes to her, left with little choice, Isaac makes his way to Diana, surviving encounters with Necromorphs, insane survivors and Earth Government troops ordered to kill him.


The graphics are excellent, when they can be seen. The game, true to its nature, is mostly littered with dark halls with very little lighting (typically coming from from candles, broken/tipped over lights, etc). When one can see the environment, it's very well designed and feels like if a outbreak like this were to occur, this is the place for it to happen. The characters are also very well done, expressions and emotions can be seen and are well crafted.


The controls, for the most part, stay the same from the first Dead Space, and are therefore, easy to master for players who've played the first. If you haven't played the first, go play it, it's like $20 if even.


One thing players will notice is that Isaac has a voice this time around, and speaks often. Both Isaac and other characters are very well done. The acting is top notch, to me anyways, and not overly dramatic or forced.


Dead Space 2 does have Multiplayer in it. Not campaign wise, but for Vs. If you bought the game new, you received a code to access the online parts of the game. If you bought used, you'll need to buy a one-time pass for $10. Online consists of the Security Team trying to survive and neutralize the Necromorphs in various manners while the other team trys to kill them using one of 4 different Necros. You also level up and unlock different weapons and skills as you play.

Once the player has finished the game, they can play New Game+ which will allow them to replay the game with current weapons and upgrades, you also unlock Hardcore mode after completion. However, you can't carry data over to Hardcore mode, Hardcore will force you to start a completely new game. In Hardcore, you are given only 3 saves, and if you die, you must restart from your last save, this mode is for skilled players.


Dead Space 2 is a excellent horror game that, if you get into it, can scare the crap out of you at many points in the game.



- Great story
- Excellent execution
- One of the better horror titles out there right now


- Story can be short (finished din 8hrs, could have beaten much faster)
- Online is limited, meaning it's not as good as other games with MP