Friday, September 2, 2011

Shin Magami Tensai Imagine (MegaTen)

I've been meaning to try this F2P game since I downloaded it about a week ago, but haven't gotten around to it. Since I just played a bit of it, I'll share a bit about it. You can Download it here.


First, let me say, THERE IS ONE!!!! This separates from almost ALL the other F2P MMO's out there. The story, as far as I understand it, is that in the year of 199X, a teleporter in Japan allowed Demons to enter our universe and due to this, many countries began using Nuclear weapons to fight them. Now, you can see how this may cause an issue, radiation, millions dead, etc. Much of the population was killed, and Humans and Demons fought an endless battle until a massive flood hit and killed most of the Demons. Mankind began to rebuild underground, and soon erected a massive tower on the surface. This, however, caused the Demons to return. Which is good, as this is where you, as a "Demon Buster", come in. You must kill, capture and exterminate the Demons.


The graphics are slightly under PWI, enemies are well done, as is your character and NPCs. There is a lack of texture though, which makes it look like your character is just wearing a plastic outfit of some sort. The environment looks slightly dated, but nothing to make it a deal breaker.


This may be the deal breaker, the UI is incredibly bland, very little is there, the basic of the basic, 8 buttons, that's it, and you could do without 3 of them. The map is horribly confusing and small (although you can manually make it bigger, but ugh....). The only redeeming feature is that you can link 24 skills, items, etc without switching bars by using the F1 - F12 keys.


The custom options are few, but still more than usual. You can select from 3 body types (short, tall, very tall), 6 face types (4 of which look like they are taking a dump), 10 hairstyles (which are very nice looking, if I may say so) and several variations of two shirts, pants and shoes (though this is the outfit you wear until you receive armor or other clothing. Didn't check the CS (yes, they have one too), but I'm sure there's nice clothing in there.


I played for about 10 minutes, as that was all I could stand (choppy controls killed it for me), and based on what I saw, there aren't that many players on, but this seemed like a single player MMORPG, as there IS a story, there are Chapters you play through, and in the tutorial, there was nothing about inviting others to play with me. Which wouldn't have happened anyways....

One note is that there's no picking a Class right away, this is done later, you can pick a warrior, gunner or mage (no cleric/healer class apparently). And the skill tree is very in-depth, so maybe there was a support thing in there somewhere....

You can also control Demons and have them fight with you, sorta like.... Pokemon or something.

The opening was nice, as it had nice art telling me the story, and that is something I've not seen in an MMO yet, so if you can get into this game, you should definitely try it.


Based off the small time I spent playing this, it was good, but the lack of players made it feel less of an MMORPG and more like a MPGTPS (multiplayer game that plays solo, made that up right on the spot case you can't tell).



- Opening cutscene was nice
- Decent graphics
- Decent amount of customization options
- Can capture Demons


- Feels dated
- Slow to pick up
- Few players