Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 2 Finale + Reactions

So, aside from seeking shelter from humid weather, we were able to get in some playtime with the final episode of Season 2 in The Walking Dead, if you continue, please be aware that THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!!


Spoiler for Episode 5 below

Episode 5 - Finale

After the firefight, which leaves Luke injured, we took Arvo and continued on after being promised shelter and food. The group, after fighting about how Kenny was treating Arvo and a night at a powerstation, the come to the house, only problem, it is on a small island and it would take too long to go around, so the group must cross. 
After everyone is across, they notice that Luke is stuck, the ice beneath him cracking. Bonnie tries to get close and causes him to fall through, you are given a choice, cover Luke from the Walkers so he can get out, or try to rescue him. I choose to cover, as instructed by Luke, but Bonnie went after him, causing both to go down in to the cold water. 
I heard a thumping on the ice, it was Luke. I tried to shoot an opening but this resulted in Clem falling in as well, while under, she sees a lifeless Luke, sinking to the bottom. Luke is dead. 
After getting out, Kenny begins to beat Arvo savagely, like Carver did him, for causing Luke to die, and for leading them to a half built house, until he is stopped and leaves. Clem warms up and is later asked to help Kenny with a truck he found, after helping get it started, Kenny tells Clem they should just leave, with the baby, that the others don't want to care for him, can't care for him. That he would do anything to make sure the baby survived, at long last, the old Kenny we knew seems to be back. Kenny deicdes to sleep on it. 
At night, Clem hears something and goes to investigate, Mike, Bonnie and Arvo are loading the remaining supplies in to the truck, at gunpoint, they say they are afraid of Kenny and want to leave. Mike tries to convince Clem to drop the gun, but when she does, Arvo shots her, causing Kenny to run out and begin shouting until Clem fades. 
Clem wakes up in the camper, with her head on Lee's lap. She tells him about Duck being bite, and wondering if leaving Lilly (if you did) was right. To which Lee responds that growing up means doing whats best for them, even if it hurts someone else. 
Shes wakes up again, which is good as I thought it was all a dream and I would have been angry. In the truck with Kenny, Jane, and the baby. Both relieved Clem is okay. Jane begins yelling at Kenny, about how everyone is afraid of him, including his family, Jane and Clem, which causes Kenny to threaten her life if she doesn't shut up. 
The group comes to a bunch of vehicles stalled and Kenny goes out to look for fuel, telling Clem to go drive away if he doesn't come back. After a small discussion about how Kenny is dangerous with Jane, gunshots are heard and Walkers begin swarming the truck. Clem floors it until they crash, causing the duo to separate and flee. 
Eventually, Clem finds a small shelter, where Kenny has made it. He frantically asks about the baby, and Clem says he is with Jane. Kenny runs out to look for Jane, who is seen in the distance approaching, out of Kenny's sight.
Jane tells Clem to just watch, and not intervene, that she is tired of Kenny and wants nothing more to do with him. 
Kenny comes back, and, well, I'll include my poorly recorded video, may need to turn up the volume.

This was my second playthrough, the first had me agreeing to stay after Kenny begged and pleaded, saying this is the best chance they got to live a normal life. Kenny thanked Clem and gave her his hat, much like her father did before he left. As Clem entered Wellington, Kenny stopped for a brief second, trying to not look back, as Clem entered the gates, they slowly closed, showing Kenny walking off into the distance. Alone.

I was pretty damn sad when Luke died, he was a cool guy, I wish I could have saved him.

I already hated Arvo, so him shooting Clem made me want him dead, sadly, that is not the case, Mike, Bonnie and Arvo ran off, leaving Kenny, Jane, AJ and Clem with the truck.

The fight between Jane and Kenny, wow, I already had decided I was Team Kenny no matter what, it would have been hard if it was Kenny against Luke, like I thought, luckily that didn't happen. I didn't like or dislike Jane, so it made it easy for me to let her die. Jane said Kenny was becoming Carver, I can see how she thinks that, but I don't believe it. Carver cared only for survival, not anyone in particular, Kenny was different, he cared about Clem and AJ, going as far to kill Jane when he thought AJ was dead, begging, crying for Clem to stay at Wellington. Any concerns I had about Kenny were erased, he is a lone man, trying to protect those close to him, whether misguided or not, I couldn't help but think he was a good guy again.

How did you feel about the last episode? Let us know.