Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Titanfall (plus next Update)

Your Titan is ready! The next update, almost.

For those interested in the update only, scroll to the 'Other' section


The story is only playable, like the rest of the game, online. The story places you on the side of either the IMC or the Militia, two groups fighting a war over territory. The IMC seeks to seize control over various locations and the Militia are fighting back to try and keep their land and resources. The IMC are highly trained soldiers, where as the Militia is your run-of-the-mill assortment of hobos, mercs, farmers, etc.

Despite the clear difference in training and equipment, it doesn't matter who's side you are on, no one side is at an advantage over the other.


This is the first retail game I've played on my Xbox One, if this game is what we have to look forward to, I cannot wait. The game is beautiful, and considering that it's basically designed for last gen (Xbox 360), when a truly next gen game comes out, boy-o, it will be amazing. The game looks very crisp and polished right out of the gate, textures are nice, effects are amazing and details only enhance the feel of the game. Here are some screens, but they don't really get the point across, you need to see it in action to appreciate the game.


If you've played ANY FPS, you'll grasp the controls quick, if not immediately. There's nothing out of the ordinary or new. Triggers aim and shoot, bumpers dash and use the Titans special ability, or throw grenades and use the players special ability if not in a Titan.


The game actually features amazing Voice acting, which is rare these days. Characters are varied and don't sound like they are reading from a script, so there's no need to worry you'll hear one actor doing several characters. Characters don't talk too much, only to update you on the teams performance, whether you are winning, losing or to give you instructions on what to do next.

The sound and audio is, again, very well done. Sound effects are varied and not used repetitively (and to understand my definition of repetitive, play any old Resident Evil game, there are literally 3 sounds for walking).


The game features a customization feature, to allow you to somewhat alter your character, although it's limited but I suspect this will be expanded later. You can upgrade weapons slightly to give your weapon a boost, things such as heavier hammers for more power, more accurate scopes, stocks to make the gun suffer less from recoil, larger clips and the like.

There are a few type of Titans to choose from and customize as well, you can choose between a fast but weak Titan, a slow and powerful Titan or one in between. Again, they can be customized much like the player character.

Character customization
Titan customization
The game allows you to hack AI characters in game to act as your body guards, or turrets to take out other players and Titans. Make sure to take advantage of these when you can, as they can help you greatly when in a tight spot.

You can 'rodeo' friendly and enemy Titans as well. When you rodeo and enemy Titan, you will jump on to it and expose its core, allowing you to directly attack it and bypass shields, as well as inflicting more damage than you normally would, the enemy is alerted to this though and will usually try to kill you, so watch out!

In the center, the enemy Titan's core
When you rodeo a friendly, you simply jump on it and use the Titan as transport and extra defense, you will be protected as long as the Titan has a shield and the attack isn't a physical attack (i.e. a Titan punching you WILL kill you).

When you request your Titan, you can kill enemies with the drop, if you're lucky. This is a good way to kill other enemy Titans, but is hard to execute unless they are preoccupied with something else, as they usually move around a bit.

If you'd like to see some gameplay in action, you can view some of my Twitch broadcasts (yes, shameless plug, I know) to get an idea of the game.

The game offers 'Burn Cards' that can be earned by completing challenges. These cards are temporary boosts that can be activated in-game that vary, you may use a card that gives you quicker speed, a stronger gun, a better radar and much more. These cards only last one game OR until you die. The only downside is that you can only hold 26, and they add up fast.

For those just interested in the next update, here's a bit of a sneak peek:

The update will be applied to the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows PC versions of the game. The Featured Game Modes playlist will be added to the playlist rotation and will cycle through modes regularly. The first playlist will feature the new mode Marked For Death, in which a player on each team will be marked as the target. Players must kill all opponents while protecting their marked teammate.
Players will also gain access to 14 new Burn Cards adding new "amped" Titan weapons and abilities. These cards won't be lost when Pilots die, but rather when you die as a Titan. Titans with Burn Cards will be highlighted in orange and those with active cards will be marked on the HUD. Burn Cards will also now have an overflow protection feature that will prevent players from losing the opportunity to earn rare burn cards when a deck is full. Players' Burn Cards can now exceed the maximum deck size but before arming a new Burn Card, players have to discard enough cards to go back down to the max requirement. Max deck size is now 46, up from the previous 26 cards.

The game also has the standard Multiplayer games. Kill enemies to get points, first team to reach the limit wins. Capture the flag. King of the Hill. Last Titan Standing. So you don't need to just replay the story over and over.

The game uses prestige as well, once you hit level 50, you can basically prestige to the next generation. I've yet to hit the cap yet, so I don't know what benefits it provides, apart from achievements.


Titanfall is a great, fun and addicting game to get in to, there's a lot of variety and the game is well-balanced and friendly to newbies, yet rewarding for those more skilled.


- Looks Amazing
- Sounds Amazing
- Plays Amazing

- Burn Cards add up and you lose them if you don't have room
- Not a huge variety of game types and maps right now
- Would like more Titan types