Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sunset Overdrive Preview

What do you get when you combine excessive parkour, large orange explosions, wacky characters and more orange? Sunset Overdrive is the demon spawn of Insomniac Games, makers of the Spyro, and Ratchet and Clank games (as well as a few others). 

Based on first impressions, the game appears to be a mutant crossbreed of games such as Crackdown (insane, over the top play style), Dead Rising (quirky, odd weapons and characters) and a bit of Ratchet and Clank (more over the top weaponry, color environments and odd characters).

Like Crackdown, the game is an open world, do as you please style game, leaving it up to the player if they want to do the story, or spend countless hours killing mutants or side missions.

The story, from what we can grasp, is that a new energy drink has been released in Sunset City circa year 2027 and you, as an employee of the company who released said beverage among the unsuspecting civis, must clean up the streets. Why, you ask? Well your drink has caused severe mutations in the human DNA, if that wasn't bad enough, people are already bananas in this community. From bad to worse, as they say.

Multiplayer will be "unique", as said by the Sunset Overdrive Twitter account, @SunsetOverdrive.
"there is a multiplayer mode as well that will have some unique things"
Sunset Overdrive is set to launch this fall, exclusively on the Xbox One.

Oh, and to give you an idea of how crazy the game is, per the Wikipedia on Sunset Overdrive, describes the pitch to Microsoft.
The "main pitch" began with the playing of "Kick Out the Jams" by MC5, and ended with Smith "on top of a chair, mimicking how the game was going to play, and the last minute heroics." Microsoft ultimately agreed to publish the game.
So yeah, these guys are crazy.