Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Saddest Moments in Gaming

IMPORTANT: The list contains spoilers for Half-Life 2 Episode 2, The Walking Dead series by TellTale, as well as potential spoilers for Mass Effect 3 and Heavy Rain (however, these last two are player determinate).

As many gamers can attest, games sometimes pull at our heartstrings, whether the emotions be extreme happiness or sadness. We all have our personal favorites, or whatever you'd like to call them, so here are a few of mine (please feel free to share yours as well).

Half-Life 2 Epi. 2, Eli Vance's Death - I started playing HL when 2 was released on the Xbox, I fell in love instantly and become a dedicated fan (not enough to play the first, but whatever). I played through all of Episode. 2 numerous times and when I heard it was being ported AND included Episode 2, I nearly lost it.

After hours upon hours of me being, literally, enthralled with the characters (namely Alyx and her father, Eli) and story, I was "treated" to a most heart-wrenching scene.

It was a GREAT way to end the Episode, a great cliff-hanger and I wish Valve would go to Kindergarten so we could FINALLY count to 3 and continue Gordon and Alyx's story as they hunt for this killer, and save the world and all that.

Mass Effect 3, Tali's Suicide - Tali was my 'love interest' for as long as I can remember, I don't know why, just something about her was quite attractive. I always had her on my squad and did everything I could to make her happy, always talked to her between missions and pretty much advanced the story JUST to talk to her about more crap. 

When we retrieved 'Legion' (of 'We are NOT Legion' fame) and had to pick between the Geth and Quarian, I never knew the severity of my actions, as it resulted in Tali's breakdown, her refusal to go on with living after witnessing the (essential) extinction of her species. No matter how close a bond Shepard and her shared, it wasn't enough to give her a reason to keep on going.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Epi. 1, Omid's Death -  The Walking Dead is known for its sudden and somewhat explainable habit of killing off people right as the show starts, who would have thought the game would follow so closely to that rule. As the season kicks off, you see Clem has regrouped with Omid and Christa, who is also quite pregnant. Omid and Christa go to clean up in one restroom while Clem uses the other nearby restroom, and gets in to some trouble.

So how does Omid die, a Walker, a group or thugs? No, a careless Clem leaves her gun on the counter and has it picked up by a passing stranger who ends up accidentally shooting Omid in the chest, killing him in seconds which alerts Christa who sees this and immediately breaks down in tears, killing the person who shot Omid with no hesitation. The game advances several months later and we see Clem and Christa together in the woods, but Christa does not have the baby, leading one to speculate what happened. With so much death, one can only wonder how Christa has managed to keep on going.

The Walking Dead Season 1, Clementine - No she didn't die, but the whole damn game is kind of sad for her, the end only more so. She's lost her parents and the only person who she would consider a father figure is now dead (or zombifed if you're an evil jerk who left Lee to suffer) and Clem is left to wander alone (granted we know she EVENTUALLY finds Omid and Christa, assumedly shortly after the events with Lee, but we can only speculate that). The look on her face at the end makes me want to die, or jump in to the TV and hug her, either one.

Heavy Rain, Ethan's Death(s), All of them.... The whole game really - Heavy Rain is an amazing game, the first one I got and Plat'ed when I got my PS3, it was an amazing expierence that I wish existed more in the gaming world. Sure, it wasn't a heavily action oriented game like God of War, Halo or even The Walking Dead (yeah, I just said The Walking Dead is more actiony than this game), but that's not why we played it. It was STORY DRIVEN, something most games forgo for said action content. So what made this game so damn sad? Well, if you're not a parent, you will NEVER understand the pain that Ethan suffers, even if you are, you still will never have to (or hopefully never have to) suffer the pain of having your child taken from you, the lengths he goes to save his son....

- Drives into oncoming freeway traffic and go 5 miles in 3 minutes (you do the math, I don;t want to)
- Traverse electrified power lines after crawling through a tunnel of broken glass
- Cut off your finger
- Kill someone
- Drink a vial of poison that will kill you in an hour, the ultimate sacrifice

Even after all this, there is no guarantee you'll save your son.

I could TRY to explain the potential sadness that can unfold, but I'll just provide videos, this game has the potential to make you very depressed and just be done with everything.

Worst Ending:

Second Worst Ending:

Third Worst Ending:

Another one, I couldn't find a short version, but yeah, really sucks: