Friday, April 18, 2014

Must Play Games of Last Gen

I'm pretty late on this ship, but thought I'd do it regardless. This list contains 3 of MY personal must play games of the Xbox/PS3/Wii gen. You are more than welcome to contribute to this list, as I know there are many different tastes out there.


Super Smash Bros. Brawl - No Nintendo collection would be complete, or logical for that matter, without that gen Smash Bros game. They allow for the best of friends to claw at each other's throats, criticize each other's sexual prowess and talk smack about the other's mother, all in good faith and no (permanent) damage.

Mario Kart - For the same reasons as Smash Bros, expect instead of punches and slashes, you use turtle shells and lightning bolts. It's a lot less dangerous, no whipping Wii-motes around, hitting someone in the eyes and/or killing a cat with your insane motions.

Zelda: Skyward Sword - Why? It's a Zelda game, all* Zelda games are instant GOLD. This one takes you waaaaay back to the very beginning, the origins of the Zelda series, who Ganon really is and why the hell each game has the same, but at the same time different, characters. Plus there's no Tingle (that guy is creepy).

See, creepy.
*with the exceptions of those Phillip CD-i games and the like, those are terrible


Heavy Rain - While some hesitate to call this a game due to it's high level of cutscenes and simplistic interactions with the characters and environments, I found this to be a highly enjoyable game with enjoyable characters, great writing and an amazing story. Some things were left out, sure, but the game is pretty fun when you realize how the stories of all 4 characters tie together (esp at the end). If you've a kid, it makes this game so much more emotional than it has the right to be. Oh, and Press X to Jason!

Journey/Flower - These two games (which are part of a three game bundle) are amazing works of art, they have some of the best graphics I've seen on a (then) current gen console. Journey is an epic game that has no real story, opting to leave it up to the players interpretation. Wander through the desert, go under water and climb mountains for no real reason? Why not?

Flower is its equal in art, with no real story (other than you playing as a flower petal) you just waft through the world, collecting more petals and bringing out the beauty in nature (aww). Why is it so much fun? I have no idea, it just looks amazing, that's good enough for me.

Xbox 360

BioShock - This was an amazing game that made an equally amazing trilogy. The story is vague at first and then slowly opens you up to a world of pure imagination (cue little orange guys singing). A city beneath the waves, where no man is hindered by the stigmas of the world above. Sounds cool, right? It is, until you realize that the city has gone to hell and is run by meth addict like folks who want to crack your skull open like a vulture and a turtle. Oh, and don't forget the big ass dudes in scuba gear (I mean really, are they man or machine?) protecting the 'innocent' little girls (hint, don't go near them, unless you want a drill to the face, or worse, up your butt :/)

Dead Rising - Sure, zombies are 'played out' or 'the norm', but does that make Dead Rising any less fun? NO. Playing as a photographer (who has covered wars, I might add) and trapped in a Mall with everything at your disposal, how can you NOT have fun? Oh, and don't forget the hapless 'survivors' and batshit crazy psychos who've taken the end of the world scenario as a chance to strip you down and tie you to a pole while they throw stuff at you and take pictures. FUUUUUN.

Fable - While not TECHNICALLY an Xbox 360 game, who cares, get the whole series now that they are all on Xbox. The games premise is amazing, be a hero (or not), control who you are and have at it. Wanna kick chickens? Do it. Kill villages and render the area uninhabitable (or at least uninhabited)? Why not. The game is amazing in its own right, no matter which one you play, the humor is great (gargoyles, gnomes, remember those things?) and it's just an enjoyable series all around.