Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grave: Open World Survival Horror

You may want to check out Grave ( It's being made for the Xbox One, and PC and you can get some 'swag' if you're interested in contributing.

Anyways, here's the info provided by the designers (there's plenty of screen shots, vids and even a rough demo at the kickstarter url):

We've just announced Xbox One support! Anyone who backs in the $25 tier or above will be eligible for selecting a copy on Xbox One. Keep on the lookout for more console announcements! We can say more once our dealings proceed.

Grave is an open-world, surrealist-inspired, procedural survival horror experience. Our goal is to provide a much needed update to the survival horror formula, injecting it with the tension and fear of modern horror games while still retaining the strategy and survival elements of classic genre staples. The game is being Developed in the Unity game engine, and we are hoping to push the graphical fidelity to its limit.


Reinventing survival horror - The player can take action when frightening moments occur, but has to use strategy to find the right tool for the right job. This isn't just about stockpiling or storing inventory items.

Light fights the darkness - Instead of guns or knives, your weapons are entirely light-based. Many of the creatures in Grave react to light, each in unique ways. Whether tossing a flashbang or igniting a puddle of gasoline, Grave presents many options for dealing with encounters.

Ever-changing world inspired by surrealist art -  Not just a visual, the world changes and rearranges itself during play. Each passing night offers a change to the experience.

Full story progression - Not just a rogue-like or survival experience, Grave features a full story with multiple acts, strange characters and many unique elements taking advantage of the surreal setting
Developed for Windows, Mac and Linux, with Oculus Rift support where available.

In Grave, like in a many horror experiences, the player is vulnerable. Frightening creatures mount persistent attacks with each passing night, and many dynamic and procedural elements are employed to keep the experience from being predictable. The game features many unique creature types and items to employ, with effective strategy being crucial for survival.

Day and Night

Because Grave has a day and night progression, the game takes on a different feel for each time of day. During daytime, Grave is primarily an exploration and fortification experience.

Players can explore new regions that have cropped up during the night, gather resources and prepare for the dangers that await them in the darkness. The emotions connected to the rise and fall of the sun each day are crucial to the experience of Grave.

Dynamic Choices

Grave is a game about choice and divergence. Almost every item, creature or location in Grave has at least two ways of interacting with it, to suit the gamer's play-style and desired experience.

Those who are interested in tense action can arm themselves with defensive weapons and trek out into the night. The more cautious player might fortify themselves in a safe place and attempt to wait out the night. Some may like exploring the many strange landscapes of Grave, while others will be very goal oriented and only stop when their supplies run short. It is important for the experience of Grave to be dynamic and fluctuating, so that the game presents unique opportunities at ever turn.


In Grave, our goal is to do everything we can to keep the player reactive and the experience fresh.  If you think waiting out the night is always the best idea, you run the risk of not finding useful items that appear in the fleeting locations that exist each day. Every enemy and situation requires new reactions, and we are using procedural/random systems to keep the experience exciting.