Monday, March 11, 2013

New Giveaway Incoming

So the last giveaway was the Gaming and Giving for Good Giveaway, I'd like to do another one in the (very) near future. Probably game art related (things like Forge, Minecraft or similar), the prize? Depends on the price and number of participants, but I'm trying to get a Year of LIVE or 1200MSP as the prize. Although this all depends on if I can get enough people to participate, I don't want it to be just a few people competing.


- Sense of creativity
- A Google+ Account


Pretty simple, so if you fail to follow them, you're SoL.

1. Don't steal, if there's any doubt I'll throw it out. For insurance, you should take a screenshot of your character (and Gamertag) in the picture, as well as a picture without your character in it, that way there's little to no question. THIS ISN'T A REQUIREMENT, BUT IS VERY HELPFUL.

2. Keep it tasteful. I like breasts and butt as much as the next guy, but considering that there is no age restriction, I'd like to NOT get yelled at by mommy and daddy. 'w'

3. It should, nay MUST, be game related. Please try to have it be something that is mainstream, no indie games please. Sorry to indie devs or fans, but if I can't verify it simply by looking at it, chances are I won't bother to research it (I've gamed a lot over the 20+ years, so don't worry too much).

4. Feel free to watermark it if you want, but upon submitting your art, you are allowing me to upload it and do what I will with it. I won't be selling or making money off of it though, so don't worry about that. I might upload them to an art blog or something. If you want some special recognition (like, 'This piece was made by XXXXX' I'll gladly include that if I decide to upload it else where).


To submit your entries, you have a few options as how. you can upload it to any image site or art site and provide the link via Google+ (Google Plus), just make sure to tag me +Andrew Mulligan, like so. Or upload it straight to Google+ and tag me there.

If you're interested in joining, please join the event below, you can also ask any questions there too!!!!

Yes, I'd LOVE to join and win free stuff!!!!

ROCK ON CONTEST WINNERS!!!! (even though they haven't been chosen yet)