Monday, April 1, 2013

Too Human

Man vs Machine taken to a whole new level.


In a time when Humanity flourished, machines known simply as the ‘Children of Ymir’ emerged from the depths of the Earth, bent on the destruction of all sentient beings and have waged war on the Human race for the past thousand years. This war has left the planet icy, cold and nearly inhospitable resulting in the death of all but a few million humans. These humans prayed to the Aesir and worship the ODIN (Organically Distributed Intelligence Network) and were blessed by the Gods, who sheltered the few remaining humans in an enclave known as Midgard.


The graphics in Too Human are what you’d expect from a game that came out half way through the consoles life, they look good but aren’t hyper realistic like Halo, Call of Duty or Elder Scrolls. They relate more to Dead Rising, Crackdown or Saint’s Row. All in all, the graphics are standard, nothing special, nothing good or bad.

Baldur, with Hammer and Shield, fighting one of the Children of Ymir


Usually controls are tough to talk about due to them usually being so generic, Too Human is different in this way. The left thumbstick moves Baldur around, but to attack, you lean the right stick in the direction you want to attack and tapping to launch enemies with melee weapons. Guns can be tough to control, especially if you’re using two at a time so practice is needed with them. Rifles are capable of launching grenades which is very helpful against groups of enemies. If you can adjust to these controls, you’ll have a lot of fun with the game, just give it some time.


Sadly, there is little of all of them in the game, in-between fights you’ll be listening to little or nothing at all. Only when in combat do you hear anything, and honestly, the music is nothing special. Sound effects seem to be repeated after a bit, but switching what you do can alleviate that issue pretty quick (don’t use the same move over and over and over and over).


The game can be very difficult at times, especially on higher difficulties; enemies will have various immunities at all times on tougher levels, making strategy mandatory. So mastering this game can be tough, but is very rewarding as you’ll get some of the best armor and weapons.
The one thing that REALLY stands out is the ability to customize Baldur after a certain point, you can change his armor color, bonus stats and weapon effects, as well as a few other things I won’t mention.

The multiplayer is pretty well done as well, I never had any issues with players joining my game and it is always fun to play hack & slash games with a friend. This can either make the game tougher or easier, depending on the skill of the players.

There are a few classes you can play as, each offering a small bonus. Better regeneration, more defense, different skills and what weapons can be used.

The game is very cybernetic-y, the 'Gods' are less god-like and more highly advanced in technology (you'll know what I mean, the 'leader' of them has some awesome looking glasses (reminds me of Google Glass)). At one point you can even gain Cybernetic hardware, which is awesome.


A good chunk of the achievements will come naturally, some of the others will require skill (beat the 4 levels WITHOUT dying), patience (obtain 10,000 drops) and luck (complete a full set of Epic gear). With time, you should be able to get them though.


Too Human is a fun game if given a chance, best played with a friend and not for the weak of heart.


- Norse Mythology driven story (kinda)
- Ability to customize is great
- Tough game that’s rewarding

- Steep learning curve
- Will give many players a headache
Bland musical score