Friday, February 15, 2013

Dark Souls



Dark Souls doesn't really have a story, that is left up to you. The basics are that when the world was formed, dragons ruled. Humans eventually were born, found 'The Flame' and rose up against the dragons. They were successful, but at a price. The flames that supported them soon began to die and humans began becoming creatures that are simply called 'Hollow', mindless husks of their former self. You, like all undead (those who are not Human nor Hollow), are imprisoned as to try and stop the spread of the Darksign and set out on a pilgrimage to relight the flame.


The graphics in Dark Souls are dark, depressing and dank. Which is good for this game as it gives you the feeling of dread and despair, which fits perfectly with this world. Textures look well done and special effects are rare, but done well. Foliage is done very well also, and you'll spend a fair amount of time in it.


Controls are rather basic, you get a few slots for spells, while other buttons will have you attack, roll, defend, etc. If you've played any sort of action adventure RPG game, you'll feel comfortable with the controls.


There isn't much with voicing here, a few NPCs will talk when talked to, but they aren't frequent. Music and Sound however, are commonplace and are pleasing. Music can range from a low background sound to dramatic when facing bosses, but most of the time you'll be able to play without suffering from overbearing music. Sounds, such as walking, running, water, etc are also done to the same quality.


There is a small amount of online play in Dark Souls as well. This comes in two forms, the co-op and versus. Co-op is playable after obtaining a certain item and allows other players to summon you into their world (or them into yours if you are human), this allows for more than one person to fight bosses. HOWEVER, if you've already beaten an areas boss, you cannot summon in that area.

Versus varies, normally, anyone who is a human can be invaded by another player, the two fight until one dies. Joining certain alliances will give you the ability to fight others who attempt to harm that alliances key members or protect an alliances territory. This is only possible though if you are in human form.


Dark Souls is a very tough, yet very rewarding game for those who have the skill to conquer it. Memorable characters and gameplay have earned it many awards and a sequel in the making.



- Tough and rewarding
- Unique gameplay
- Worth the frustration


- Tough (but rewarding)
- Weak online
- Sometimes feels TOO distant, deserted