Sunday, February 15, 2015

Why FPS' Are Dead

Hello all, long time, no post!! But let's cut all that crap and get to the point.

So a friend and I were talking about our favorite genres of games and we came to a point where he said he loved FPS games, to which I replied, "You mean Call of Duty?"

His reaction was, "No." But is the basis of this post. First Person Shooters, are a dead genre. But why?

Well, name the most popular FPS series, if you come up with anything other than CoD, you're in denial. No FPS game can compete with the CoD series, the closest would be Halo, Gears of War, and maybe Killzone. Further proof, if you even NEED it, is that Guinness has given then the record for best selling FPS Series, they tend to do their homework.

I played Halo 4 a few months or so ago to try to mop up the remaining achievements (no go thanks to Hello Nurse! and other glitches), and there was less than 10,000 people on during late evening, which would be peak hours.

A few weeks ago I finished Titanfall, and the population for that was no better, despite it being a very fun game, it has mechs, what more do you need?

Yet CoD will easily have several hundred thousand, if not more, at any given time. Hell, even older entries are still bustling. I'm not saying it's a bad series, but they are starting to release yearly entries, all of which sell like water in the desert (i.e. very well), and very little innovation occurs after each year (the iPhone of games).

The game that is, at the moment, the second best FPS is likely Destiny, but I have to pull the numbers on that, I'll share those when I do.

But when a game is only popular for a few months after its release thanks to CoD, why should other companies try with their standard titles? If Destiny were just another single player game with traditional matchmaking, I guarantee it would be dead at this point.