Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Norman Reedus to be Main Character in upcoming Kojima Game

If you were to ask me, "Andrew, what are two of the most horror related things you enjoy?" I could give you a few answers, like the thought of Warner Bros bringing back The Matrix, love the triology, but would be hesitant about its revival, or the idea of another Resident Evil movie (or game that's NOT a remake), fun to think about how they would destroy the series even more.

Eventually, though, we'd come to The Walking Dead and Silent Hill.

Both series' are pretty damn fun (yes, even Downpour), so what if you combined them? Well, this may be the closest we'll get.

Norman Reedus.... except it's not....
The above picture comes from the interactive demo titled 'PT'. As you can see, that IS Norman Reedus (aka Daryl, from The Walking Dead), if he was rendered and put into a game/CG movie.

The interactive demo is short and in first person, never giving you a look at who you are (for obvious reasons now, it's much funner to find out at the very end). As Norman looks at us with his very attractive man face, a title card fades in, "Silent Hills". If you are observant, you noticed the 's' in that, what exactly that means, I know not.

"How can you say this is Silent Hill then?" You ask. Good question.

The game is the result of Hideo Kojima (yes of Metal Gear fame) who has long been suspected of being in charge of the next Silent Hill game. He, along with Hellboy Guillermo Del Toro, are working together to create a suspenseful horror game, plus I'm sure there would be legal action against Kojima using 'Silent Hills' if it weren't okay with Keiichiro Toyama.

There have been no announcements as to which consoles it will be avaailble on, it is safe to assume PS4, as that is where the demo made its debut, and as the game is running the Fox engine, I'd suspect the Xbox One as well. Other than that, not much is yet known, so stay tuned for more Daryl/Silent Hill goodness.

EDIT: This has actually been confirmed to be the next Silent Hill game. So huzzahs are in order!!!!